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Blended Learning

Project Based Pricing. Engaging Courses.

Blended Learning in CT

An Integrated Approach to Online Learning in 2020

Blended Learning is an integrated approach of Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning. It ensures that your team is able to access a number of learning resources including pre-made educational tools and real-time education from Subject Matter Experts. Blended Learning allows students to learn at their own pace with access to instructors for feedback.


Blended Learning is a Combination of Classroom Training and Online Learning, offering the Best of Both Worlds!

Our Blended Learning Strategy

Blended Learning Strategy

A Blended Learning strategy can offer several benefits to both your business and your employees.  A diverse range of training approaches helps to stimulate and increase engagement, which in turn, boosts happiness, knowledge retention, and productivity levels. It will empower your employees to become an active part of your company’s success. 

Facilitate, Enchance and Simplify Course Training:

  • Facilitate Corporate Training Feedback
    • Easily collect employee performance data
    • Understand employee approach to learning
    • Automatic feedback reports can be generated through your eLearning application
  • Enhance Corporate Training and Effectiveness
    • Combined educational approach benefits every type of learner
    • Utilize tools unavailable in traditional education methods
    • Education is customized specific to your company’s unique needs
  • Simplify Corporate Training Logistics
    • Scheduling simplified with online flexibility
    • One-time payment vs. Instructor payment, travel/accommodation reimbursements, etc.
    • Leaders are able to significantly reduce pre-course organizational time
Instructional Designers in Connecticut

About Rockfish LM

We are a team of Instructional Designers, and Learning Strategists with a passion for creating highly engaging Interactive Learning Experiences.  For well over a decade Rockfish Learning Management has worked with Connecticut Businesses of all sizes to create Online Learning Solutions that solve the most challenging problems.