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Custom eLearning Development in CT

Custom eLearning in Connecticut

eLearning Development in CT

Rockfish Learning Management specializes in the Design, Development, and Delivery of eLearning programs in CT.  One of the ways we build an immersive learning experience is by introducing interactive elements as a strategy to ensure learners recall what they have learned with ease.

We Develope Custom eLearning Solutions To Maximize Retention!

Types of eLearning 

Synchronous eLearning

Synchronous Learning is instructor-led training in real time. Learning resources are delivered and received through in person classrooms, or in a virtual classrooms with video conferencing. 

Asynchronous eLearning

Asynchronous eLearning is learning that happens on-demand.  Instructors and learners are not online at the same time; meaning participants learn at any time, at any pace, and at virtually any place. This form of learning leverages any number of predeveloped assets such as interactivee Learning modules, videos, reading materials, learning exercises, etc.

Micro Learning

Micro Learning involves short, highly focused instruction.  For example, rather than presenting an eLearning module with multiple chapters, you may consider creating an eLearning module with a single chapter.  Training and development departments may utilize microlearning as a way to promote continuous learning.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning programs combine synchronous and asynchronous instruction.  Blended programs allow great flexibility in how and when curriculum assets are presented.  For example, a learner may begin by completing a series of online training modules; then appear at a field event for practical application; and while at the event, be required to complete a proctored exam that is “unlocked” by the field instructor within the learners dashboard within the Learning Management System.

Did You Know eLearning?


Increases Retention Rates


Cuts Energy Consumption


Reduces Development Cost

Advantages of Electronic Learning 

Custom eLearning Advantages in Connecticut

Customized – Rockfish Learning Management will work with your team to tailor your eLearning development to your company’s needs. 

Standardized – Every learner is exposed to the same information.  Every learner is tested on the materials in the same format.  There is no confusion with “conflicting instructor opinions”. 

Flexible – Learners are able to access the eLearning at any time and from any location.  Training can be completed at home, at work, alone, or in groups. 

Cost-effective – Pay per learner.  No hotel lodging, no meal and mileage reimbursements, no instructor fee, no hassle. 

Time-efficient – Focused material delivered in an easily accessible form and predetermined time frame.   


We Design, Develop and Build Custom eLearning Projects using Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, or straight HTML/ HTML5 ready to be Delivered on a variety of devices and platforms

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Below are just a few of the Custom eLearning Solutions offered at Rockfish Learning Management!

Next Level eLearning Solutions

Does your team have the skills to succeed?  Our Fully Customized eLearning Solutions Provide the Flexibility to Effectively Train your Team anytime, anywhere!

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