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Online Manufacturing Training in CT
Manufacturing Training in CT

Develop Manufacturing Skills

Online Workforce Training Courses in Connecticut that are fully aligned with industry standards and industry-backed certifications. They’re easy to use, interactive, and effective. In addition to helping learners develop critical manufacturing skills, our Online Training can aid continuous improvement and compliance while improving safety, and operational effectiveness.

A Wide Range of Training Opportunites

Manufacturing Training in CT

At Rockfish LM we offer a Wide Range of opportunities for education in Online Manufacturing Training. These Include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Machine Operation Training
  • Professional Development
  • Safety Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Basic Operations
  • Fundamental skill development
  • Specialized skill development
  • Leadership Training

The Manufacturing Industry is Evolving! 

Manufacturing training in CT

In the “old world” of manufacturing, an employee needed to have great work ethic, physical stamina, and the ability to follow orders.  After being trained in the skill at hand, this employee would be a productive member of the manufacturing team, repeating their specific task daily.  In the “new world” of manufacturing, specialized and adaptable skills are needed.  These skills include problem solving, computer knowledge, proficiency in operations, STEM skills, flexibility, budgetary skills, ability to work in diverse teams, etc.

There is a Skills Gap between the “Old World” and the “New World” of Manufacturing

The manufacturing trade continues to evolve steadily as new technology is developed in areas like automated equipment and computer-controlled machines.  As the baby boomer population is retiring and the millennial population hitting the workforce, the manufacturing industry will be forced to acknowledge a skills gap.

Navigate your Talent Shortage by Enhancing Learning and Development Initiatives

There are many types of training, but the Blended Approach has been proven to be most successful in the manufacturing industry.  After completing the required Online Learning Modules through Rockfish Learning Management, your learner would have the opportunity to practice Hands-On Technical Skills, either with a Subject Matter Expert or in a Virtual Simulation.  Requirements for hands-on skill practice will be discussed in the Design Phase of the ADDIE Model.

Get your team up and running with Machine Operation Training, Safety and Efficacy Training, Compliance Training, and Professional Development

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